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I’m Worth Freeman. I’m a fierce, and often obsessive, advocate for public transit. As BART Board Director of District 3, and daily transit rider, I want to work to make Bay Area Transit better. The solutions to better transit options in the Bay Area can not be resolved with one transit agency or one person, but I believe working to change the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, our transit backbone of the Bay Area, is a great place to start.

I’m running for the BART Board Director of District 3, which represents unincorporated communities such as Kensington and San Lorenzo and cities such as Berkeley, Moraga, Oakland, Orinda, and San Leandro. My goals as a BART Director start with focusing on the reconstruction of the BART system, and reshaping transparency between the BART Board/staff and the public. Beyond that, I want to do everything possible to make riding on BART the best and most rational choice for my fellow passengers:

As a software engineer/web programmer, I work on difficult challenges every day and use my critical thinking and problem solving skills to create solutions. I believe that my technical experience will allow me to come up with solutions and ideas that other BART directors wouldn’t be capable of, and that my attention to detail and process-oriented mindset will help prevent the Board from pursing bad decisions. Programmers aren’t afraid of our mistakes(bugs) we accept and joke about them as a part of programming. We understand it is important to showcase mistakes ,not only to help others understand the issues thoroughly, but also to help avoid or better resolve similar issues in the future. This is why I believe it’s an important goal to bring this technical and transparent mentality to BART, which rarely allows the public to see its mistakes and problems, leading to immeasurable distrust and misinformation about the reliability of BART.

Thank you for your time, and hopefully your vote is to Make BART Worth It!

Worth Freeman