Ultimately, the BART Board is a 9 person Board, and each director has their own constituency, initiatives, and interests to pursue. However, all Board Director are responsible for working toward increasing the value of BART and transit for all users in the Bay Area. These are the concepts and proposals I believe are most important to BART passengers, and would pursue should I be elected to the Board.

  1. Reconstruction/Maintenance – BART’s reconstruction must be the top priority of any BART Director coming into office. It needs to be expedited, and the public needs to be constantly informed about progress, costs, and work being done.
  2. Transparency – BART has not been effective at building trust and clarifying misinformation. The BART Board needs to be innovative with technology to offer multiple opportunities for riders to participate in BART decisions. I believe I can bring that technology to the table.
  3. Wayfinding/Transit Information – BART has a unique position as a hub for many of the Bay Area transit agencies. As such BART should work with MTC (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) to ensure all station agents and representatives are fully equipped to respond to riders’ information requests.
  4. Policing and Safety – For both passenger and police safety, we need better relations. I believe that it is the BART Board’s duty to dismantle the us vs them mentality. Failing to seek permanent resolutions for minority(racial, disabled, or homeless) incidents/injustice will lead to more conflicts in the future.
  5. Agency Collaboration – BART’s work with other transit agencies is already better than most inter-agency collaborations in the US. But I want to take it to an advanced level and develop timed transfers and communication between BART and buses.
  6. Beautification and Art – The 1972 stations are notaesthetically pleasing” (they’re ugly). Historic yes but not appealing. Along with reconstruction, BART should be working with cities and counties to make stations a place people want to visit or take photographs of to share with friends.  Encouraging and accepting local art would be a great way to cheaply modernize the look of the BART stations.
  7. Later Night Service – Later night service between San Francisco and Oakland on Fridays and Saturdays would provide a service once thought unimaginable. To limit the effect on sleeping residents, I propose using only subway stations.
  8. Triple Track/Express Trains – Requiring all trains to make all stops prevents BART from being expedient and competitive with cars. Pursuing a goal for 30 min trains is a bold idea, but actually achieving it would be even better.