Beautification and Art

BART stations are archaic. Born of the 1960s, their aesthetics and design weren’t priorities. They had intended art pieces, but a few of those survived. Meanwhile other metropolitan areas boast of their stations with decor and mystique and that make the monotony of commuting just that much less burdensome.

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I would like to work with major ridership contributor cities to each BART station to bring about a revitalization of civic character to each station. Union City and their investment in the Union City BART station is a shining example of how a local municipality can change the look and feel of a 40-year-old station. But cities and communities need to feel inspired to do so, and I would like to bring that option to their front door.

Making each BART station a unique experience also encourages tourist ridership which brings revenue and lowers the cost of the BART system.


Bringing in local art, as either temporary or permanent fixtures, should be an organized effort for our modern BART system. Supporting local artists has always been a part of Bay Area culture and it should be a responsibility of BART to manage, assist, and encourage artists to provide and showcase art, music, and entertainment with BART.

  • Bring in local art, temporary or permanent, to BART stations.
  • Have a process for performances at BART stations or on BART property.
  • Offer fixed or identified cars on specific trains for on-car performances.
  • Display art exhibits at BART stations, and give riders something new and interesting to view every month or year.
  • Work with schools to display student art, allowing young Bay Area students a rare opportunity to have their art seen by thousands of riders everyday.
  • Run free competitions for designing with BART Logo (particularly I want to copy the competition Google does with their logo).
  • Identify and advertise events and exhibits throughout the BART system.
  • Incorporate local, inexpensive art at BART stations, maybe on trains. Art doesn’t have to be big, expensive, professional art to be aesthetically. (All the photos used on this site are shot by an amateur photographer – me.)
  • Offer guided photographer tours to locations rarely seen by the public during and after service.