The Bay Area Rapid Transit Renewal Program Plan needs to be implemented and completed. I and I believe the Bay Area would like to see it done quickly and sharply like ripping a band-aid off rather than drawn out and continuously disruptive.

  • I would like to see work being done in consolidation. If everyone has to drive anyway or plan for a 2-3 hour ride we should make the most out of it.
  • If there is a way to have more crews, or contract former BART track workers to get more work done or have work done faster, it should be pursued.
  • Part of the process should be a consistently updated map detailing the segments of work that have already been completed, what is in process, and what’s next. This should be part of a regularly updated map on the website and on train cars.
  • Do bits every night if possible. A mile a week is still a mile more than would be done waiting for the next weekend shutdown.