BART is a connector for almost all the Bay Area Transit Agencies including SFMTA, AC Transit, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit, SamTrans, VTA. No other service connects them as much BART does. This gives BART a unique responsibility, along with the MTC, to guide tourists and residents throughout the Bay Area.

  • Station Agents are key in providing a valuable transit information to all passengers.
    • Station Agents should have advanced knowledge of their surrounding transit options and basic knowledge of other transit agencies that service regions like Napa, Sonoma, Martinez, or Danville.
    • Station agents should have the ability to send phone instructions or printouts for getting from one part of the Bay Area to the next. (Good app idea here.)
    • Should have easily accessible information packets for all the transit agencies and modes in the Bay Area.
    • Should be marketed as information agents.
      • Priority must first go toward station duties though especially during peak times.
    • Should be able explain to explain transit policies or clipper card to newcomers or confused passengers.
    • They should be able to effectively assist passengers with ticket issues and concerns.
  • Create more visible real-time screens that display transit departures.
  • In other cities, I found that as I was approaching a particular station, the automated PA would identify points of interest for each station during non-peak commute hours.
    • “This is Embarcadero station, please depart here for Ferry Building, California Cable Car, One Market, and Transbay Terminal.”
    • “Civic Center station, depart here for Civic Center/UN Plaza, SF Central Library, City Hall, and mid-market”
  • Pamphlets should be made to identify points of interest – schools, museums, other transit centers and not just the cities.
  • Work with partner agencies to automate the display and information of BART maintenance schedules and advisories so that passengers can be informed before they get in the station what’s happening on BART.