Who Am I

Amtrak TracksI’m Worth Freeman. I’m not just a transit rider, I’m a public transit enthusiast, an advocate, and nerd for public transit in the Bay Area and throughout the United States. As a young rider in Sacramento, public transit was my first taste of independence, and I enjoyed it so much I choose to not learn to drive. Since then I’ve gone throughout the Bay Area and the Pacific coast, enjoying the rides made possible by public transit. My goal isn’t simply to fix BART, or continue it on the path any director could. I want to unite the many transit agencies of the Bay Area to work together to create solutions to “Bay Area Transit” not just for one system, region, or type of passenger. This dream starts with the Bay Area Rapid Transit, the backbone of the Bay.

More about me: I was born and raised in Sacramento. I graduated Fresno State in 2011 (campus centennial year!) graduate, with a degree in Information Systems, and now I am web programmer in Bay Area. I have very little political experience:

  • Vice President of the Residence Hall Association
  • Member of 2 Fresno State ASI committees
  • A Director for the University Student Union Board of Directors

San Francisco at night from Treasure IslandMy hobbies, aside from transit, include photography (all the photos on this site were taken by me), video games (Smash Brothers specifically), Netflix, and ultimate frisbee.

As a web programmer watching the BART Board of Director meetings online, what I find disappointing of BART is not the cleanliness, the technical difficulties, or the bad finances, but it’s board’s detachment from the public. They don’t bother to seek or develop public support or interest, and this mentality is bringing BART to an uncertain future. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to use BART, and I do not want to see it fail because voters and passengers could no longer trust BART to fix itself or be motivated by the public interest.

I get that BART Board members feel pressure to be infallible and inherently trusted, but today’s constituency is skeptical, and demands “Transparency from public officials. They want to know what the BART Board is doing, how BART spends taxpayer money, understand why BART is doing what it does, and how the public can participate and be heard, with what little bit of time they have left between sleep and work. So I intend to present the idea and innovations of the web and technology to the out-of-touch BART system and make valuable information as accessible as possible.

Sunset @ Pismo BeachI’m not an experienced campaigner, and I don’t have a lot of money (I’m still paying off student loans). I don’t have the time to seek endorsements or gather campaign contributions. I would rather spend my free time building transit apps or defending Bay Area Transit to complainers on Reddit. And if this is truly a game of garnering endorsements and money, then I’ll move on and continue serving transit in that manner. But I like to believe endorsements and TV advertisements aren’t what decide an election, voters do. By electing representatives they believe would ask the questions they would ask, bring forward the issues they have, and vote if given a voice to do so.

Thank you for your time!

Make BART Worth It!